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The Lions’ Gate in Jerusalem
The dream that became a reality
One of the most famous symbols of Jerusalem is the beautiful wall that surrounds the city. But Jerusalem did not always have a wall! 500 years ago, Jerusalem did not have a wall. Jerusalem was not a capital city back then but rather a part of a huge kingdom, headed by the great ruler - the Turkish Sultan Suleiman.
According to the legend, one day the Sultan Suleiman had a dream in which two lions were about to devour him. The Sultan woke up in alarm, calmed down and tried to continue his daily routine. But the next night, the Sultan again had the same terrible dream, and so on again and again night after night. Finally, he summoned his wise men and asked - why am I dreaming this awful dream? The wise men replied: Within your vast empire there is one city, Jerusalem, and it is a holy city. If you build a beautiful wall surrounding the city - the Lions will stop coming to devour you in your dreams! Immediately thereafter the Sultan Suleiman commanded to build a wall with 7 gates. On one of the gates he had the image of the two lions from his dream engraved, and since then they did not come to devour him .. Neither in his dreams nor in reality ...
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Yosef Rivlin- the builder of Jerusalem's neighborhoods
The man who built 15 neighborhoods
Eliezer Ben-Yehuda and the notes
Eliezer Ben-Yehuda took on a big task – to invent the words missing from the Hebrew language. But in order to do so, one has to be very organized…
The national emblem design competition
When the state of Israel was established, everyone joined in the efforts to design its national emblem- even a 10 year old child!
The Menorah of the Knesset
Can you put 3000 years of history into one Menorah?
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising memorial
Im Museum "Yad Vashem" steht eine spezielle Skulptur zur Erinnerung an den Holocaust. Wenn Sie hinter dem Monument stehen, sehen Sie plötzlich eine ganz andere Skulptur!
Project Hebrew 2000 in the Jerusalem Technology Park
In Jerusalem there is a garden, and in that garden instead of trees, you will find letters…
The Pilgrimage to Jerusalem
Thousands of Jewish people visited Jerusalem, even before there was a Jewish State!
Names of Jerusalem
Jerusalem is the city with the largest amount of names in the world
Why is Naftali called Naftali?
A little girl, who had to hide during the war, became a famous writer. All the children in Israel read her book.
Bunting Map
The Cloverleaf Map and Jerusalem in its center
The Star of David (Magen David)
Does it relates to King David?
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