Teacher - Olam Shalem
Student - Olam Shalem
About Us
"Olam Shalem" is a production from Genesis Jerusalem (NGO),
which was established for the sole purpose of strengthening the connection
of Jewish children around the world to Jerusalem

Jerusalem, the capital city, has been the national center of the Israeli people
throughout the generations and is often in the headlines of world media
The Jewish children around the world who encounter this information
are often made uncomfortable by the question of the Jewish connection to Jerusalem
Olam Shalem seeks to instill values ​​that will illuminate the good of Jerusalem:
Jerusalem as the city of peace, the joy of the world, the city of justice and holiness
We believe it is the right of all Jewish children of every stream 
to understand this important connection,
and we consider it necessary to give each child all the tools and knowledge to form this bond
Steering Committee
Dr. Michael Yedovitzky
Educational Manager in Germany and central Europe; the Jewish Agency of Israel
Rachel Naparstek
Director of International Hebrew Forum - M.O.F.E.T. Institute, Auteur, Poet
Shahara Blau
Haim Berkovits
Director of the start-up company Moneytime. Former director of the French Masa Program.
Dr. Iris Braun
Lecturer in Jewish Thought at Ashkelon College and the Schechter Institute
Jackie (Yaakov) Levy
Storyteller, radio broadcaster, theater coach and op-ed journalist
Galila Ron Feder Amit
Yael Rosen
Director of International Programs The Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot
Reut Odem
Director of the Reshit Jerusalem Institute
Dr. Reuven Gafni
Researcher of Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel in the modern era
Einat Ashdot
Head of Culture Events, Tower of David, Museum of the History of Jerusalem
Prof. Benjamin Braun
Researcher of Judaism and Jewish Thought, Israel Democracy Institute; Lecturer at Hebrew University
Shlomo Bakish
Chairman, Lifshitz College of Education
Rav Benjamin (Benji) Levin
Rabbi of the Underground Prisoners Synagogue, Educator
Gael Greenwald
Head of the Settlement Division
Dafna Shechter
Educator, Manager of the Dusseldorf Elementary school Yizhak Rabin
Reut Yahav
Director of World Noam and Licensed Israel Tour Guide
Aharon Eldar
Educator, served as head of the Emissary Department at the Jewish Agency
Refael Cohen
Rabbi, former educator in Colombia, Argentina, and Chile
Alan Harkavy
Licensed Israel Tour Guide and Licensed USA Attorney
Hillel Van-Luen
Educational Director, Mizrachi World Movement
Aloni Zemora
Educator, served as an Inspector of Social Education
Shalom Orzach
Senior Educator at iCenter for Israel Education
The Team Project
Dr Reuven Mamo
Context Editor
Adi Werner
Project Manager
Nava Klein
Customer Relations, Marketing and Operations
Sagi Alter
Illustrator and Animator
Elki Hirshberg Naim
Screenwriter, Artist, Children's Exhibition Curator
Israel Tzaddok
Content Writer
Osnat Alef
Content Writer
Tami Tzaddok
Content Writer